More schools hockey needed

August 16, 2014


Fiji Sun
18 June 2014

More school hockey needed

More school hockey needed

The Suva Primary Schools Hockey Association believes more competitions are needed to boost primary school hockey across the country.
Association’s president Loloma Andrews raised this point, encouraging other districts to take up the initiative.
“What we really need is more competition from other districts in order to lift and progress the level of competition in primary school hockey overall. It’s important to the overall development of the sport and it would benefit the players most of all.
“We’ve been having our own weekly league and half-league competitions and we like to pride ourselves on being one of the most organised and active associations despite our small size. Competition has been satisfactory but we need more competition from other districts.”
As for the Super Sixes Hockey Competition that was held yesterday, Andrews was pleased with the level of competition displayed at the National Hockey Centre in Laucala Bay, Suva.
“There was a big turnout so we’re very pleased with the schools for coming out. All other school sports competitions had to cancel but we’re fortunate to have a weather-proof turf,” Andrews sai9d.


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